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Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

Look at your life. Reflect the life you have lived. How many people do you hate because of what you we're told by a third person? Why do you judge people from the information you get from others? Always take your time to know people first before judging them. Seek to know everyone at a personal level before using your own gathered information against them.

No one is perfect. Even the most hated people have friends. Yes, they also have a good in them that should be recognized, that others recognize. The moment you take your time to know people at your own level, you will learn that they are nice, friendly and more approachable.

Always build your own impression and never choose to join fights that you were not part of from the beginning. A sane person should never hate someone just because he or she was told that the person is not a good person. Give yourself the chance to explore and know people better. Never judge others.

Be different. Don't believe in things that you should not have believed in in the first place. Never judge.

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