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Things you need to be careful with when Buying a second Hand Car.

I have always been enthusiastic about owning my own car ever since i was a little boy. That is one among a number of several dreams i have. I am still hoping that this particular dream of being the owner of a car will one day come to pass.

Well for those having the same dream there are several ways you can buy a car.

1.Buying a second hand car.

2.Buying a brand new car.

If you are going to opt for a second hand car the following are some of the things you need to be careful about.

a) Do not use cash at hand to pay for the car.

The best way to pay for large sums of money is through bank exchange. This method leave you with a statement that shows when you paid for the item.

b)Do not pay for the car before seeing it.

It is possible to pay for the car and fail to receive it especially if you are dealing with con men. Let the car be delivered to you first. From there you can be begin processing for the payment.

c)Ensure you verify the ownership of the car.NTSA Logbook Transfer Application and Charges in 2019 ▷

Never engage in car transactions without having to verify the real owner of the car. Take the logbook and walk with it to the relevant authorities. Ascertain that the person written on that logbook is the person selling the car to you.

c)Make sure all parts are genuine and original.

Its possible to have the engine of a car changed for one reason or another. As long as the one replaced with is working properly and a genuine one from the original manufacturer no problem.

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