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Three Affordable House Designs For People on a Tight Budget in Kenya

When it comes to living in your own house, there is nothing that compares to it and many want to be able to own their own space.

Renting has become just as expensive as building is with the current cost of living going up with each waking day.

It is in this light that you find constructing your own home becomes tedious and sometimes slightly above the budget that you might have.

Therefore, you need a cheap and alternative method that can help you construct your house affordably:

Semi Permanent

Semi permanent houses are common in Nyanza and Western regions of Kenya where the initial material is just earth.

The earth is compressed to create the wall before cement can be used to strengthen the wall comfortably.

The house is reliable and can last just as long as your average permanent house.

The budget would be 200,000 shillings for a two bedroomed house which turns out very exquisite.

Picture courtesy. Semi permanent house.

Using Iron Sheets

This method is common in Central Kenya as well as some parts of Rift Valley where locals construct the house using available materials like iron sheets.

However, iron sheets have become quite expensive in Kenya and this means that the house might be quite pricely buy it is still affordable.

With several ironsheets and a timber and nails, you will have a comfortable two bed roomed house costing about 200,000 Kenya shillings.

Picture courtesy. Iron sheets house.

Using Timber

This is a design that is common around the country and it is quite affordable given the amount of shillings that you have to spend.

Timber is available in plenty everywhere across the country and sometimes you can find that you have timber at your home in the countryside.

This wouldn't set you back a lot of money and you can always construct it as you wait for better days to build your dream house.

Picture courtesy. Timber house.

Content created and supplied by: KimaniOsoro21 (via Opera News )

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