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Natural Remedy for Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are small growths on the heels, in between the toes and other weight bearing areas of the feet. They cause smelly feet and sometimes a pricking feeling when one steps hard on the ground. It is caused by HPV virus which enters through cuts on the feet.

Here is a natural remedy to out. Most of us have been to the rural areas and maybe have an experience on how to cook using firewood. There is a bubble like substance produced at the end of a burning wood either brown and sticky on the hands or normal colour of a bubble (not sure of both the local and English name.)

For the substance to work effectively, you will need to clean the affected feet and dry with a towel, take the substance and apply on the affected areas, repeat thrice and you will begin seeing the results at day two. The lesions will dry and fall off themselves.

Try this,if it works out, share to help a friend who might have not had the idea.

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HPV Plantar Warts


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