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Forget Natural Stones, Use This To Build Your House And Save On Cost

Building houses requires somebody to make a very crucial decision on the type of the walling material. Cost and durability of the material is always a major factor when choosing walling materials. However, elegancy and beauty also comes in as a secondary factor to consider when doing walling. Well, there are some materials which are making it to the top. The use of wall covers.The wall covers being the best alternative over any other product on cladding work is a new technology that has ventured into the market. The wall covers has a variety of functions which makes it an ideal walling materials for home builders. First one is its unique design. The design of wall covers has never been experienced in the market. Looking at installation, wall covers are among the easiest installing walling materials. This materials can be placed on a wall in just a single day and therefore saving much time.

Durability is another advantage of wall covers. Once installed, wall covers can stay for many years without replacements. Due to their mechanism, once they are attached to the walls, they promise perfect and guaranteed liability i.e they do not fall off. In terms of cost, wall covers are much cheaper compared to natural stones. For example, it only takes Ksh950 to buy one Square metres of wall covers and Ksh1200 for the colored ones. On the other hand, natural stones will cost you as much as Ksh2500 to Ksh3000 per square metres.

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