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If You Have These 8 Things Count Yourself Among Rich People

By consylukayu

What do real rich people spend their money on? So here's a list of things rich people do or spend money on, that poor people like me can never imagine.Don't be surprised if you detect a jealous tone here.

1• Rich people love registries, where they can have their names next to the most luxurious items without always, physically possessing the product

Part of being super rich comes with the satisfaction that you get to have your name on rare, expensive, luxury items.

This is where registries come in.Say ,super rich person wants to buy a rare diamond from another super rich seller,they appoarch a similar registry,which then arranges the transactions.

2• The super rich have their own version of e_bay and Craigslist_When you've reached high levels of richness, you don't wait a round for discount deals or great bargains on e Bay .

3• High end watch clubs_Yes , even rich people rent.Some rich people are rich because they make clever decisions, for example, they don't always buy assets with deprecating value, but they lease/ rent them.

When it comes to fancy watches,they prefer renting them for special occasions from sites .And it makes total sense if you think about it You get to impress the world with your bling , without paying shit loads of money.

4• Private jet timeshares_ So that expensive jets don't remain underused_The super rich cover their private jets.But even they know that owing one and letting using it only about once or twice a month is a huge waste, especially when you can rent,lease or co own these beauties.

5• They have secretaries who have secretaries

How easy do you think it's to get in touch with the most prominent person?Do you have to get in touch with his secretary first? What if the secretary has a secretary?

6• Supremely expensive phones beyond functionality and design

When us lesser people are buying a new phone,we usually go for functionality and/or design, but when do you do when you already have all the latest ones?

7• Submarine sports car_ Because there are no traffic cops underwater_ lf you've bored with buying your run of the mill sports cars, you might want to follow the footsteps of people who buy fully functional aquatic sports car that can be driven on ocean beds.

8• Psychological wealth counseling_ Because rich people worry too much.There are banks that hire psychologists for rich people who are worried because they have too much money.That is a rich person problem of the highest order, but it apparently exists.

When you're that rich, you don't have too many people around to talk to about your problems.Butbyes, to a problem we wouldn't mind having.

So if you think you are rich and you have other things that I have not put in the list, please feel free to add it through the comment section below and please share to your friends and family thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )



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