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In A Video, Woman Spotted Lighting Her Charcoal Stove Using A Bus Exhaust.

kenyans are creative when need bee, this is evident in an instant where a woman was spotted lighting her jiko using a bus exhaust.

Logically the exhaust blows out air hence the woman is using the air being ejected out to blow into her stove which then hasten the lighting of tge charcoal. She has bypassed yhe tiresome usual way of "kupepeta" that takes sometime to light especially if one doesn't have the speed of yhe hand.

At the same time this is not an innovation but a time bomb ticking.

Thr opening amd closing process of valves amd pistons in the engine with high pressure hot fuel can lead to the engine sucking in the fore amd kabooom!!!

Fans have shares their views some acknowledging her creative idea but critics have followed suit due to the risk in place. Enjoy it while it last Masaaa can be machache in 2 ways.

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