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Learn how you can make a room completely sound proof

For one reason or another, you may want the noise in your room to remain inside, and also block unnecessary noise from outside.

 In the case of upcoming media personalities, having a small studio at home can be cool.

 For this, you need to set a sound proof room.

You might also be a lover of loud music and living in an area where noise is prohibited.

The best way to prevent a noise problem is to construct the room with building materials and techniques that will reduce the noise that enters or leaves a room.

 Here is how you can make a room sound proof;

 Soundproofing Walls

If you are building the walls or are willing to re-do existing walls, consider using two layers of sheetrock with a small amount of space in between.

They can be glued together using a layer of silicone or a special type of sound-dampening glue. For existing walls, a layer of sheetrock can be added over the wall.

Doors and Windows

Doorways and windows can also contribute to unwanted noise problems. Thick, solid doors and double- or triple-paned vinyl-framed windows will block more sound than thin doors and single-paned windows.

Floors and Ceilings

Floors and ceilings can be soundproofed as well. Carpet can be installed over carpet padding on floors. Special sound-reducing mats also can be laid under the carpeting.

Sound-Absorbing Surfaces

Hard, smooth surfaces in a room typically do nothing to help eliminate sounds, and they might make the noise problem worse. Soft rugs, carpet and curtains can absorb sound.

Wall Treatments

Wall treatments or decorations also can help make a room soundproof. This usually involves tacking on or hanging some sort of heavy material that will block sound waves.





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