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A Story of A Village With No Locks or Doors But Very Safe

You can't imagine leaving your house unlocked for a day, even some hours, and still find your valuables intact. But there is this village in India where homes and shops are always left unlocked but nothing is stolen.

Shani Shingnapur,Maharashtra | Photo|

Shani Shingnapur in India's Maharashtra state where villagers have an infinite faith in Lord Shani, the god of Saturn the guardian of the village. Word has it that about 300 years ago, after a heavy downpour, a huge slab of boulder was found washed up on the river banks of Panasnala River. Upon touching the boulder with a rod, blood started to ooze out of it.

Shani Shingnapur Temple,Maharashtra

Shani then appeared later that night in the dreams of the village elders, that the boulder was his own image.The godhead commanded that the slab should be stored in the village, where he would dwell there on. Shani then blessed the village elders and promised to guard the village from any attack.

Shani Shinganapur Temple | Photo|

The villagers then erected an enormous flagstone on a roofless platform at the central of the town, they decided to away with all doors and lock. Their Lord was there to protect them. Locals only place wooden panels on their front door frames to keep away the stray dogs. No permanent doors their expensive jewellery and money are left unsecured, strongly knowing that the holy god will watch over them.

Shani Shinganapur

New buildings have to adhere to the norms. The police station which was opened in September 2015 has not recieved a single case from the villagers. This police station too has no front door. The United Commercial Bank which was opened in 2011 in Shani Shangnapur has no locks. It only has a glass entrance for transparency purposes.

The villagers believe that thieves or robbers will soon be punished with blindness and lying will undergo a seven and half year of misfortunes.Interestingly, tradtionists say that , one villager who had wooden panes at his door had an accident the following day.You cannot make this stuff up!

Due to this weird and odd history, Shani Shingnapur allures ardents and enthusiats from across India.About 40,000 visitors check in everyday to witness the once modest shrine that has emerged to be a large temple with much attributes and contributions.

But the naysayers hold that the security enjoyed by the villagers is as a result of the village being too remote.And therefore has nothing to do with the powers of godhead.Whether this is true or false, cannot be confirmed.

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