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8 Cool Things You Can Make From An Old Tube For Potato Chips


An empty chip tubes turns into a decorative vase with a simple twist of the wrist, all you need to do is decorate the outer side of your vase with any material that you like or you got at hand.

A gift box

It is a real art to wrap a gift extraordinarily, a chip tube is perfect for wrapping some edible products like cookies and candies as well as for small and easily folded items/.

A DIY for cotton disks and plastic bags

 You can have a great holder for cotton disks or coffee pods by cutting a small rounded hole at the bottom of the tube. If you make a small hole in the plastic lid, you’ll get a suitable container to store plastic bags.


A hammer and a nail is needed to create a small hole on the back side of the tube, some holographic paper, shiny stones, a great deal of inspiration and a little time to put all this stuff together, the idea is great for both parents and children.

A craft box

To create a storing ribbons you need a straps, thick threads, twine rolls and other creative staffs to easily fix all this inside a tube and enjoy perfect order on your craft table.

A candle mold

You can fill the empty chip tubes with molten was in any combinations and proportions to get some beautiful and colorful homemade candle.

 Stationery stuff and knitting needles holder.

This simple holder can be filled with pens, pencils, paint brushes, knitting needles and other small or long things.

A toy house

If you had a good imagination this could be a suitable base for a toy tower or a castle. The tube must be well decorated, you only need the best decoration materials like paints of different colors.

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