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7 Things Ladies Who Use Perfume To Smell Good Never Do

Smelling good doesn't come from perfume alone as it can wear off easily after various odours and pollution that our bodies get exposed to. Here are some of the things that people who use perfumes never do which makes them fresh all day.

1. They stay away from dry skin- Ladies always know that if one has dry skin, the perfume would not last long. This is because perfume tends to linger on for long time on the skin that is hydrated and well moisturized. This explains why should spray your perfume after moisturizing.

2. They know where to spray their perfumes- Ladies always know where to spray their perfumes. They do not rub in the perfumes after spraying. Places to spray include back of knees, wrists and sides of neck.

3. They shower more than once- women practice hygiene by making sure that their homes are squeaky clean. They also shower atleast twice a day to make them smell good and look fresh throughout the day.

4. They prepare themselves to ensure they smell good always- Women are always prepared to keep themselves smelling good. They carry a small perfume all the time they go out and also fix the mouth oduor by always carrying mints.

5. They stay away from smelly goods- Ladies do not consume onions and garlic in their raw form because of their smell. They prefer foods with few amounts of spices to make them always smell good.

6. They think before buying a perfume- Ladies never any perfume on impulse. They make sure that they smell the different perfumes before coming to a conclusion. This should also apply to you.

7. They pay attention to the clothes- Ladies who smell good wash their clothes with fabric conditioners and fresheners. This makes them smell nice all the time.

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