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3 top tips that will make a tasteful arrangement at home

One of the largest dilemmas of home decorations is the way to organize its accessories, a library, a shelf or a table. Here is a three-phase system that will transform your boring or messy spaces in charming vignettes!

For Harmony and contrast, when in the organization of a space with accessories, you need to keep in mind that the most important thing is to prevent boredom.This has much less to do with the objects you choose from the way you choose to view them. To keep an agreement, remember in your arrangement,that it must maintain a balance of harmony (things that feel as they go hand in hand, like similar colors or styles) and contrast (the Things to make things to be different taste against the plot.)

You want some of both in your disposal. Perhaps you could create harmony with the repetition of a square or purple color shape, and then add the contrast for the sitting a soft candlestick next to a rough basket. Scale and shape. Make sure that the items you need in your new homes do not want a small paperweight on a large kitchen table, and you want to stay away from the use of an excellent flower ceiling layout on a smalltable.

However, most people tend to use too small things for their surroundings. If you have small accessories, you would like to show, but you have to give them more emphasis in the layout, try grouping them on a plate or a cloth covered. You can also give them the height when you lay over stacked books or baskets.

Layout and softness . Start with a larger and higher piece, slightly stop, here it will be the defining piece in your layout. Now work on the outer edges of the layers of a higher level background, a medium height layer of medium sizes and its smaller objects on the front. Hold your eye moving up and down while the arrangement from left to right comes to interests. Add a small cloth or braided tape to soften the edges of the shelf or table, to put the color to highlight certain objects.

Above all, it continues to try new combinations of articles until you find an agreement that works for you. Use things unusually. Lucie flowers or a living plant in an agreement that seems too static. Even professional designers will occasionally be surprised when you will try things in a new way! And remember, if your provision is still disordered and lost, it is likely that you are trying to show too much. Develop a support box or a wardrobe where you can save some of your treasures and change them out a couple of times a year for a new look without spending a penny! 

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