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6 Tips to be Punctual in Your Daily Life

Being on time matters. However, a large number of people have a problem being punctual. We understand that people being late may have some urgent matters to address or a genuine problem that led them to be a little late.

When you are late, it creates an interruption in the process. Every time you are late you waste 10-15 minute additional time. Hence, four interruptions in a day mean a loss of an hour in concentration. We lose an average of 1-2 hours per day searching for missing items in messy files, closets, and stacks. There are several other reasons that we tend to be late.

• Benefits of being on Time

Being on time will help you to cut down on stress. It will reduce friction with your friends and peers.Being ahead of time can give enough time to stay prepared for the unknown situation.Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand as an employee that your team can trust upon.Being ahead of the time can make your impression as a sincere and accountable person.

Here are six tips to leverage the benefits of being on time:

1. Calculate The Time Taken To Commute To The Location. The morning you're running late, you encounter further delay due to an accident on the road or late arrival of the bus. You're only human, and everyone is late sometimes, but make sure you add extra time to your commute in case of regular hold-ups like traffic. Always have 15-20 minutes of buffer window for the commute.

2. Prepare Everything You Need in The Morning Beforehand. Preparation is one of the keys to punctuality. It is advisable to prepare a list or your necessities beforehand in the night itself. For example choose the clothes that you’re going to wear and lay them out, make sure that your house keys and your car keys are by the door.

3. Sleep on time. Sleep is critical for a productive and timely day. Sleeping on time helps you to actually wake up early and get moving in the morning. To sleep better, it is recommended to avoid electronic screens before bed and to use black-out curtains.

4. Wake up immediately when your alarm rings. Everyone loves to sleep five more minutes. We all have a habit of snoozing the alarm as soon as it goes off. If you too have the same habit then it is better to keep the alarm half hour early to your usual wake up time. If possible keep the alarm a little far from the bed, this will force you to get up to turn it off.

5. Don’t drag on with your task when it’s time to leave. Majority of the people who are chronically late have trouble determining how long it takes them to perform different tasks. If it takes you 25 minutes to get ready in the morning, don’t delay it until the last minute. If you have time, follow your routine and try to accomplish the task in a certain period. Dragging the task until the end will only create a hassle.

6. Keep a note of being late. Being late disrespectful and makes you look unorganized. Making a note of every time you are late will help you understand the reasons for your irregularity and would help you make decisions on your routine.

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