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"They Call My Mum 'Walking Dead" Sad Story Of A Girl Who Left School To Take Care Of 'Dying' Mother

It is not every child's wish and dream to see their parents suffering . They often want to e raised in a complete family full of joy and happiness. Today, i bring you a story of a 13 year old girl Charlotte who mother is dying from unknown disease.

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Her mother started feeling weak and developed pain on the legs and went to the hospital and after some tests were done they came out negative. Unluckily, her father too started getting weak and unfortunately passed on leaving them behind. They all depended on their father as he was the one who provided for every basic need.

But since their father was no more, one sibling had to go to the city so as to look for a job to take care of the family. As days went by, her mother condition worsened as the pain increased. She went to a wizard who gave her some herbs but did not cure her instead she started getting weaker and thin.

She went back to the hospital but the results still came out negative. She went back home and the condition got worse as she could no move again and she had lost her eyesight. Charlotte had to drop out of school so as to take care of her ailing mother.

People on the society often call her mother the walking dead due to the condition she is in. But Charlotte vowed never to give up on her mother.

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