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6 Games You Must Stop Playing If You Want To Be Rich

In summary:

It is always a desire for everyone to be rich and live a comfortable life, well, being rich depends with the game you are playing now. The game can either make you rich or poor. There are several games you should not play now if you want to be rich.

1. The Excuse Game.

Many people make a lot of excuses as to why they can't do something or something shouldn't happen. It may be sickness, lack of enough money, may be you are poor or you never went to school. You must not choose to make excuses and focus.

2. The Blame Game.

People like blamming each other or something claiming that it's some people or something dragging them behind, they blame the government, they blame their friends etc. Your life will not change until you realize it is your fault and take responsibility of your own life. #lame people blame people.

3.The Fearful Game.

Most people are not confident and bold, they are afraid of failing and taking risk they forgot that great achievement involves great risk and boldness. This game is being played by many people around you, they are afraid of trying.remember; as long as you are afraid you will never become what you wanted to be. Anything is possible unless you allow fear to take you back.

4. The Comfort Zone Game.

Many people like to be at a comfort zone, remember there is no pleasure place than your comfort zone and more destuctive place than your comfort zone. This happens when people work hard to gain success after that they want to remain there, remember you have to stretch and come out of comfort zone

#go beyond.

5. The Judgemental Game.

Have you ever seen someone driving an expensive car, you may think he/she got the money miraculously, No that's not the case.It is not your business to know how and where such people get money but it is your business to appreciate them and how you can achieve your own good. #Don't Judge others negatively.

6. The People - Pleasing Game.

This game is so crucial, Only please Lord your God but not people. Many people want to please others to make them happy, such people you're pleasing some of them are living luxurious life and they might think you are comfortable with your own life. Love people and don't allow them to take you back.

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