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Three Roles That You should Never Assign Your House Maids

The fact that you have an housemaid doesn't mean they have to perform every single role in the house. There are some chores that you really need to do as a family or individually. Here are five roles you should never assign to your house maids.

1.Washing your underclothes

Personally, I consider this unethical. Most underclothes are very light and do not need much energy or time to wash. Kindly wash your underclothes by yourself or if your partners can do it, let them do it for you, not your housemaids.

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2.Cleaning Your Messes in the House

The primary role of house maids is and has been cleaning, but what if you for example spill water or a drink on the floor, would you still call your maid to clean up your mess? Okay, may not be bad to call them to action but at times we need to take responsibility for our messes.

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3.Cooking for Your Partner

I may be wrong in this one, but I have trust issues. For instance, if it's indeed true that there are drugs that make people fall in love. What if this drug is put in your partners food?Just imagine. Unless you are very busy, please cook for your partners. Serving is also a point to note, serve your partners or rather serve yourselves don't make your housemaid do it.

That's my opinion, What do you think?

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