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Magic words: see what they can do to your life

Many simple words can be used to bring many favors in your entire life. Taking a case when you are almost losing your job opportunity and it happens you are only required to say thank you and you get your job back. Therefore there are many simple words when used at the right time will help you in your life. there are many of these words see what they can do to your life.

1. Thank you.

After you have received a compliment, favor, promotion, and reward, you need to say thank you. this word can lead you to get much or more. 

2. Am sorry.

One can feel sorry as a result of regret. It can help you gain your relationship back, your friendship your job. Though this word is often used by many people the fact that it's a small word.

3. Please.

Just simple as it is, please give me another opportunity when you are in an interview and seems that the question is harder you can pause and say please give me another opportunity. Just a word I'm that can give you many opportunities that you never knew.

4. Forgive me. 

For example, if you are in a relationship and it happens you have wronged your partner it's advisable to say forgive me if you what your relationship back. It's not only applicable in relationships only but whenever you have fallen into a situation of that kind.

What's your take on these kinds of magic words? what importance can they bring to your life?

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