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How to Make a Good Impression on Your 1st Date

1. Get yourself Clean

Take a hot shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth. Put on deodorant and give your mouth a quick rinse with some antiseptic mouthwash.

2. Pick up a Sharp Outfit

Wear clothes that are eye-catching and compliment your figure. Remember to choose an outfit that is appropriate for the venue you are meeting for your date.

3. Style and Groom

After you have selected the perfect outfit, take a last look to ensure that the rest of your appearance is in order. Style your hair and trim your fingernails if they are too long or paint them to be more eye-catching. Feel free to spritz on a subtle scent but go easy. Too much cologne or perfume can be overpowering.

4. Put on a Smile

Be prepared to do a lot of smiling if you are nervous or feeling uncomfortable. Smile can help you keep at ease.

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Groom Sharp Outfit Style


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