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10 Life Traps that Each one of us Have Faced at Some Point


There are many forms of gambling and today it is very easy due to technology. Most people engage is such activities to get more cash or even properties. Some individuals might be lucky and others have lost terribly. Gambling can lead to arguments, fights, depression, break ups among other things.

Thinking we are not affected by marketing

A lot of products are advertised on televisions, billboards and on the internet, we might think that this is not affecting us in anyway but this is not true. Marketing is not all about advertisement, in some cases, even the way products are arranged in a store can affect our comfort, views and also movement

Thinking that we must go to college

Going to college is very important but this doesn’t mean that if you do not go to college you will not be successful in life. We all know of a person who made it in life without even a degree or a diploma.

Running out of toilet paper

Sometimes you visit the toilet and that when you realize there is not toilet paper, either you forgot to buy another one or you didn’t even notice. There are two groups, those who have experienced this and those who will

Pushing the biggest download button

We download various things on the internet and some site can be annoying and tempting. After finding what you want. You scroll and find the various download buttons but you decide to press the biggest one, instead of stating the download you are taken to another site

Scarcity trap

Most people have experienced poverty in terms of money, time and happiness. When experiencing this situation, we might be compelled to make decisions that might even worsen the situation. They might lead to isolation, depression and negative feedbacks

Trying to please people

As we grow older, we understand that we cannot please everyone and in most cases people will still find a way to criticize you no matter what you do. For instance if you do not help a homeless person they might call you a bad person, if you help them they might think you are showing off. 

Victim of fake promises

Today there are various ways to convince people and this has changed even politician's language when campaigning . They try to convince people by dishing out empty promises, this trick works because people love to be told what they want to hear not truth and facts.  

Not backing up files

Files in your laptop and also other devices need to be backed up. You will not understand the importance of this until you device is formatted or it crashes. You should always make sure your important files and backed up.

Taking a quick break to check Facebook

This site is one of the most addictive. You might lie to yourself that you will just check on notifications but before you realize it you are scrolling checking on the news feed. You end up wasting a lot of time just scrolling

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