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What uses the most electricity in your house?


Around most houses, the buzz of appliances is familiar Sound. The noise might be annoying sometimes but the appliances that are consuming the power asisst us in one way or the other.They aid comes with a cost as the duration operation needs electricity. These machines come with different shapes and sizes. They are some that consume a considerate amount of energy while others consume more than the rest. We have compiled you a list that while help you know which appliances uses a lot of heat and how you can tame that.

1. Heaters

Heaters consume 27% of energy. Heaters are somehow essential in cold places since they regulate the internal climate of a house. In order to reduce this energy you can do house chores ,that will keep you warm or use oven enabling you to kill two birds with one stone. Oven emit a considerate amount of heat.

2.cooling devices consumes 19% of energy. Cooling appliance like air conditioners this amount of energy consumption can be reduced but opening windows when it's hot or wearing light clothes.

3.water heaters consumes 14% of energy. This can be avoided by using cold water while bathing or sun heating the water.

4.washer and Dryer 13%

5.lights 12%. To reduce this consumption rate you can use power saving bulbs.

6. Refigerator consumes 8% of the total energy

7.electric oven uses 3%

8Dish washer uses 3%

9 computer consumes 1% consumes (flat screens)1 %

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