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7 Tips on Living Together With Your New Spouse

Designate his and her bathroom or if there's only one bathroom in the home, divide the area into separate spaces for both you and your spouse.

Divide storage space in both your closet and drawers to make sure that both you and your mate have plenty of room for clothing and other incidentals.

If you plan to share the housework or other household responsibilities, discuss what each person is responsible for and stick to the plan. If possible, choose one day each week for house cleaning and work together to get your home clean and spotless.

Learn to share some of the things that you were once used to dominating and having to yourself, such as the television, the bathroom, the kitchen, and even the bed. Instead of having all of the covers and plenty of room, you will now find that you only have half of what you may be used to.

Decide who will be responsible for paying which expenses, when they will be paid and who will be fixing out and mailing the bills on time.

If you and your spouse have different work schedules, be considerate of the noise level when your mate is sleeping. For instance, if your significant other works the late shift and often needs to catch a few winks throughout the day, keep the television volume down, adjust the ringer on the telephone and be mindful of any distractions that may interrupt his/her sleep.

If either you or your spouse is a smoker and the other is not, living together can be trying unless you work out the details before moving day rolls around. In this case, it's best to designate one room in the house for smoking or the individual can simply go outside to avoid congesting the home with cigarette smoke.

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