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"Technology Is Very Good" See The Photos Of What Was Used As Refrigerators In Early Days.

Refrigerators are equipments used to keep food safe for a long period of time. They render the microbes in the food inactive due to their very low temperature conditions. Technology has led to development of different types and grades of refrigerators. This article reviews traditional refrigerators and modern refrigerators.

Traditional Refrigerators.

These refrigerators were simply pots. They were made from clay soils. The pots were filled with clean water fetched from different sources like river, wells or boreholes. The pots were designed in such away that they were capable of keeping water at very low temperatures. Food stuffs such as meat, fruits etc were then immersed in the water to prevent them from decomposing. The disadvantage of using the pots as refrigerators is that the pots are very fragile and can break easily if not handled with care. In addition, the pots did not keep foodstuffs safe for a longer period of time.

Modern Day Refrigerators.

These refrigerators use electric power to keep the food and drinks safe. They are very expressive to purchase compared to traditional refrigerators. However, modern refrigerators are very effective than traditional refrigerators. A number of foodstuffs and drinks can be kept in this type of refrigerator.

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