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Wood ash practical applications

Toothpaste made from wood ash

Yes, you can even use it to brush your teeth. Although, in this case, ash from a soft tree, such as pine, would be preferable. I'm not sure what dentists think of this, but I'm now using a commercial toothpaste made with bamboo ash, and my teeth are feeling amazing.

Make Yourself Smell Good

While I wouldn't put wood ash paste under my pits to keep myself smelling fresh, we have discovered that wood ash does absorb odors.

This is fantastic news for hunters who want to hide their scent. Take a pinch and massage it on any flesh that is exposed (avoiding your face and eyes). It'll also help if you rub it into your clothes.

Fire extinguisher

Ash is a cheap fire extinguisher because it smothers flames and deprives them of oxygen. A few buckets should be kept on hand in situations where a fire could readily start, such as a blacksmith shop, welding setup, fire pit, or hay storage.

Mice and other household pests are repelled.

The smell of ashes repels mice, rats, cockroaches, and other household pests.

To keep them out of your home, use this all-natural pest control method instead of using harmful and deadly chemicals. Sprinkle it in the attic, garage, basement, and pantry's corners.

To ensure that no mice have a free meal, I prefer to sprinkle it in the corners of my kitchen cupboards.

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