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Are You Aware Of How Much It Cost To Buy 20 Litres Of Paint?

With this current economy where the price of good keep on changing, either by increase in price of decrease in price you should therefore know price of some of these simple commodities like paints among many other.

Paints come in different capacities and colors, and therefore the price of the paint will vary depending with litres of paint you want to buy. Paints are mostly found in hardwares around you since that is where most house construction tools are found.

Paint is one of the items that is always in high demand in most hardwares, this is because many people are constructing expensive houses and they need to paint there houses after the construction of the house is over.

There are also many individuals who take there cars to mechanic garadges for them to be painted and there this also increase the demand of car paints.

With this high demand therefore if you open a mini hardware and major only on selling paints you can get a lot of customers who will buy from you.

To start this mini hardware you need roughly like 80,000 shillings, you will use this to buy paints from a company or a supplier, acquire valid business license, brand your mini hardware among many other activities. This business can do well in most of the areas in Kenya and therefore you can start it anywhere.

The cost of 20 litres of paint varies roughly from 5,500 shillings to 10,000 shillings in Kenya. The cost may depend with the type of paint you want to buy, the company that have manufactured that specific paint among many other things that you may consider before buying a paint.

With this kind of business, mini hardware paint dealer you can make good amount of profit monthly. The profit you will make depends with the sales you make during that specific month.

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