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Why Do We Easily Forget Things?

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you were talking to someone and then suddenly you stop simply because you have forgotten what you wanted to say next? A situation where you left the living room to the kitchen for something and then upon reaching there you stand transfixed trying to remember what you came for?

It is really startling especially because this happens within few minutes. If you are probably nodding at any of these, then you are in the right place as we will get to know the reasons why this happens and what we can do to fix this crisis. So stay on and follow through.

Reasons why you forget so easily are:

Lack Of Enough Sleep And Rest

It is only logical that for your brain to function effectively, you have to get enough rest and sleep as the brain does not want to get overworked and if anything you get to overwork it, you will start experiencing short term memory problems.

So instead of spending extra time on social media or on your computer working overtime, why not ditch that for a while and get that deserving afternoon nap that we know for a fact you would appreciate?

Stress And Anxiety

When you are overly stressed and have anxiety, the amount of the cortisol hormone increases in your body hence interfering with the process of forming and recalling memories.

It is best that you find stress relieving methods to avoid this situation. One of them can be incorporating physical activity in your routine. Take a walk or jog and get that brain working right.


Lack of enough water in the body causes what we call brain dehydration. This results in the shrinking of the brain cells hence leading to short term memory problems. This in turn causes brain fog, lack of mental clarity.

Take the recommended amount of water in a day, which is eight glasses of water to remain hydrated and avoid such problems.

Underactive thyroid

Hypothyroidism is the condition where the thyroid gland stops releasing the thyroid hormone which alters memory and cause sleep disturbance which eventually leads to forgetfulness as there is interference with the memory.

You can correct this condition by taking standard thyroid hormone replacement medication.

It is better to assess yourself and take your time to correct this situation if you are a victim. What could be other causes of forgetfulness that I haven't mentioned? Kindly share in the comments section below and let us continue learning.

Content created and supplied by: DrJoanne (via Opera News )


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