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5 Ways To Make A Good Impression to other People

Smile with some delay

Smile is very important especially to our overall appearance. Honest smile creates a good impression about a person and also a good communication. Experts suggest that you look at another person's face first wait for a few seconds then smile. This will create a sincere smile and a beautiful one

Don't make eye contact for too long

It is advisable you make eye contact when having a conversation with someone. However staring at another person for too long might not be a good gesture especially to men who will think of these situations as aggressive. It is advisable you gradually extend the time of visual contact from the beginning of meeting someone.

Be aware of your posture

Your posture too may influence your first impression greatly. Just take a look at champion athletics or great political leaders, they will never be seen with their shoulders or eyes down. Such people are always up right and even smiling. People will follow or even like them just because of their confidence and posture. This is the idea you should also have if you want to leave a good impression.

Get rid of anxious gestures

Everyone has a gesture or a behavior that they do when they are lying. There are a lot of writings and videos on this whole idea of noticing when a person is lying. This means there are people out there who rely on such information to judge someone, so just avoid touching your neck, hair, face, fingers and other gestures

Visualize the meeting beforehand

If you were attending a meeting experts advise that you imagine yourself speaking with that person in the mirror only if you have enough time to do this. You can practice your posture, smile and even how you talk. Visualization always helps you to get better results.

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