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Best 10 Alternatives For Good Morning

These words are best for informal situations with a lot of them containing slang and they are often used for partners, friends and children.

Good morning is fine but sometimes you want to say something unique, funny or cute instead.

Here we have;

1. Rise and Shine

Acute, popular way to wake someone up. This phrase refers to the sun.

2. Wakey Wakey, sleepy head

Wakey wakey is a slang for wake up, sleepy head is used to refer to someone who is very sleepy. It is commonly used to mean, 'wake up.' This is best used for children or if you're trying to be cute with somebody, but not with your boss.

3. Wakey wakey, eggs and bakery

Eggs and bakery refers to eggs and bacon, a popular breakfast combination.

4.It's sleeping beauty

This refers to the popular fairytale character who slept for 100 years.

5. it's tomorrow

A funny/annoying way to wake someone up is to gently whisper in their ear that it is tomorrow.

6. Happy day of the week

Everybody likes when you're woken up by someone and tells you what the day it is. This really helps one to get brain in check.

8. Good morning good looking

This simply means good morning to someone that is looking good, handsome or beautiful

9. Morning has broken

This one comes from a popular hymn, 'morning has broken.'

10. Let's make it a good one

This implies that let's make today a good day. Sometimes we use one to refer to something if we know that the other person already knows what we are referring to.

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Good Morning Rise and Shine Wakey Wakey


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