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How You Text Can Reveal A Lot About You.

Have you ever send someone a text that you thought sounded fine only for them to come back later and say you were rude? It's because your text may come out ambiguous. Most times, your text style can speak volumes about you.

1. Emoji Texts.

Shows that you're an open person who is opem to share emotions. A study shows that emoji show how you really feel.

2. Perfect Grammar.

Sometimes, one word with period can have a diffrent meaning with one that doesn't. Good grammar shows that you are an excellent thinker and a person who pays attention to every detail.

3. Quick short texts.

You are an energetic person and probably have many friends or popular so texting is easy. Your messages might be quick when abbreviated. For example OMG,LOL and ASAP.

4. Paragraph texts.

You are a person who understands importance of contact and generally have a lot of faith. You are detail oriented and enjoy deep conversation, an extra thinker who looks for all the details before making a decision.

5.One word response.

It shows that you have a reserved personality and doesn't open up with your feelings. You are a busy person who doesn't have much time to respond or introverted and enjoys spending good time alone rather than socializing. Examples,NO,YES,FINE.

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ASAP Emoji LOL OMG Perfect Grammar


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