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Don't Waste Alot Of Time Building, See The Current Cost Of Buying A 2, 3, 4 And 5 Bedroom House

Building a permanent house to completion sometimes takes alot of time and resources. For instance, one has to buy several things to be able to initiate such a project. These things includes, plot onto which the house will be built, raw materials for constructing the house, payment of labourers and buying of house appliances.

If care and proper management of funds is not taken into consideration, this process can use alot of funds and therefore turn to be very expensive.

In this article, l will bring to your attention the price of buying either a 2 bedroom house, 3 bedroom house, 4 bedroom house or a 5 bedroom house in various estates in Kenya so that you can see clearly the logic behind buying an already completed house rather than wasting time building one.

These already completed houses has been designed with emphasis on indoor and outdoor entertaining features such as pools. They also have open plan kitchens which are packed with all the things you can mention in as much as kitchen is concerned.

Furthermore, the living or dining rooms are very specious with deep terraces and courtyards. The bedrooms consists of either a built in or walk in wardrobes.

Here are some of the photos of these already completed houses and there prices in different estates here in Kenya.

Content created and supplied by: Owitijoseph (via Opera News )


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