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3 Signs You Need a Lifestyle Change

If you’re reading this post, chances are you feel dissatisfied with life. You may feel unhappy with your relationships, stuck in your career, or sick and tired of battling anxiety or depression.

Yet, despite many efforts to improve your life, every day still feels uninspired. What do you do then?

These events send shockwaves throughout your life, make you question your choices and consider new options. They most commonly provoke an existential crisis that forces you to examine and evaluate all aspects of your life.

1. Life lacks joy or wonder. Days are depressingly predictable. You feel stuck in the same dull patterns; there is a “Groundhog Day” element; each moment feels the same, and you have nothing to look forward to.

2. Chronic stress. Even simple chores are burdens. Tasks like cleaning your house, shopping, or visiting relatives can feel like a slow march to the gallows.

3. Habitual disappointment. Everything, and everyone, eventually let you down. Even when you do your best to be outgoing and upbeat, you feel disappointed.

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