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How I Arranged My Bedsitter House and Created a Comfortable Space

When living in the urban areas,it's difficult to get a bigger house to move in with your family especially when you have children. Unless you have a good financial status to go for the bigger house in urban areas,many go for single rooms and bedsitters especially during this difficult times amidst of Corona virus pandemic.

IAM one of the people living in urban areas who are living in urban areas. I live in with my two kids and my husband as well,this makes a total of four living in the house. I came up with the arrangement tips that worked so well and now we are comfortably living in our bedsitter with alot of space in our house.

Here are my arrangement tips

1. Furniture.

In my house,I only have one small table and a four seater sofa. I have made some cabinets under my table to keep my children's books and stationeries. This has really saved my space.

2. One double-decker bed.

Instead of buying two beds,I have a doubledecker bed whereby my children sleep at the top while we sleep in the downward bed with my husband.

3. Shelves in my kitchen

I made sure that I made shelves in my kitchen cabinets to make sure that I put my kitchen items to create space.

4. Small shoe rack for our shoes

To make sure the shoes in the house don't spread everywhere,I bought an affordable shoe rack to keep shoes for my family.

5. I bought four briefcases.

Two briefcases for the clothes of my two children and two for me and my husband. I always put the briefcases under my bed to create Space.

This is how I created space in my house and

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