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Kenyans React On This Modern Toilet That Surfaced Online

In society, there are some of the essentials that are always expected to be found more so where people live in. One of them is a toilet or latrine. This is where most of the waste products are stored to stop them from contaminating the environment.

There are always different types of toilets that are made in different designs. However, one design that is so transparent surfaced online living people to give different reaction on the same.

The toilet is made in such away that one can easily see the wastes while being washed away. This has made people to give different views on the same. Some people hae loved the design claiming that it ensures the cleanliness of the toilet as one can easily know whether it is clean or not.

Some on the other side have criticized the toilet saying that it can make an individual easily as one may see the wastes flowing towards the septic. Some have also criticized it saying that it is not safe for individuals with some heath problem. Some have also added that such is not good for those with heavy weights claiming that it may not withstand the wait.

Check out some of the reactions given by different individuals on the said toilet.

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