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Are You Being Disturbed By Houseflies? Read This To Help You Get Rid Of Them (Photos).

Housefly is a type of fly of the suborder Cyclorapha. Adult houseflies normally live for two to four weeks. These flies breed and feed in filth including garbage and feces. They are known to be vectors of diarrhoeal, skin and eye diseases. These flies regurgitate and excrete on the surfaces they land on.

The most common known species of housefly is Musca domestica. Since these flies leave in close proximity to humans, it is necessary to get rid of them. Some of the simple methods you can use to keep away these flies out of your room and workplace include the following.

1. Proper disposal of organic matter such as vegetables and other kitchen refuse. Place these materials in garbage bags and tie the bags securely before dumping them.

2. Install doors that are open and close mechanically.

3. Plant herbs and flowers in your garden near the house to keep flies out of your room. Herbs and flowers such as marigold and lavender respectively can repel flies.

4. Use foods and drinks to which houseflies are attracted in order to entice them into into traps. Such foods include meat, honey, bananas, oranges, pineapples etc.

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