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Never buy any Second Hand Product Without Checking These Five Things

Sometimes you may buy something and later you end up regretting doing it. This is the reason why you should always be so cautious to avoid buying something that is not beneficial to you. Right now each and everyday we are buying so many things as second hand and that why we always need to be cautious to avoid buying product that are of no help.1.When buying second hand clothes, ignore the size on the sticker and try to fit in the cloth to check on the size. Most of these clothes usually have fake size tags. You may realize after buying that the size written on that cloth does not match the exact size of the cloth you bought.

2.Check the presence of stains mostly on clothes,marts and beddings. Always take your time to check on the both side. Sometimes these products have stains that never gets clean ni matter how mach you wash.

4.Remember to check if everything in the product you bought is working. If for an example you bought a second hand motorbike take your time to check every part of the engine before you make your payments. It is even advisable to have a expert who can help to access any machinery you want to buy even before you make the payment.

4.Check the availability of the spare parts of the product you want to buy. Don't make a mistake of buying something that has no spare parts in the market. Remember that in case of breakdown you will need to search for a spare part to continue using the machine.

5.When buying any beddings, make sure you check if their is presence of pest. Some pest such as bedbugs always hide in these products and you may end up spreading them in your home without your knowledge. Make sure you even open the pillow and check the materials it is made up of.

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