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Stop Disposing Plastic Bottles, Instead Reuse Them To Make these Items

Plastics are the major pollutants of the environment in most parts of the world and mostly our country.

Most companies aim at reusing their plastic bottles however, this has almost been impossible and instead disposed to the environment leading to pollution.

Here are several methods in which you can use plastic bottles in your homestead to reduce pollution of the environment.

1. You can use to make a boat

This applies to those near the Indian ocean or the lake basin or even permanent rivers and could use the vessel to cross since plastics are floaters. However, you should ensure that no spaces between joined bottles.

2. You can make a beautiful seat or bed.

Have you ever imagined of making a sofa using bottles? Have a look at the picture below.

3. You can also reuse bottles to make a house maybe for resting when tired during the day and more items

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