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Beautiful Photos Of Crying Stone Found In Kakamega

Many people enjoy the beautiful scenaries found on the in our country. Those with capabilities tour different places for leisure. Museums, game parks , game reserves and coastal region not only are visited by Kenyans but also tourists. It's good appreciating the nature and making sure it's always safe.

A beautiful scenery found along Kakamega_Kisumu road popularly known as Ikhonga Murwi or the Crying Stone is tourist attraction site. The Crying Stone at Ilesi has overtime shocked people from it's natural structure. It's about 40m tall, a large bolder balanced on a column of rocks with water flowing from a groove at it's centre. The strange formation resembles a head of a human being when viewed at some angles.

However, the stone has stopped from 'crying' due to climate change. Trees have been planted around the place that absorbs alot of water hindering the stone from oozing water from the groove.

What do you thing can be done sort out the scenario so that the Crying Stone can regain it's shocking flow of water? Share your opinion.

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