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Things That Will Make Someone Who Liked You Loose Interest

These are seemingly small things but when you do them it shifts the perspective of a person who was falling in love with you and they drop their interest in you at once. Using the toilet and not flushing, or not washing your hands and yet trying to touch things in the house like the remote control or the fridge.

Consuming alarming amounts of food, or eating super fast. Talking with food in your mouth, cleaning your mouth with your fingers after eating instead of a toothpick. Picking your nose with your fingers, or blowing your nose with your hand. It's disgusting.

Dropping litter just anywhere. It shows extreme levels of irresponsibility and it means even your house looks like a dump site. Brothers pay close attention to this point because a messy woman is a nightmare to live with, and this is one decisive sign. If she ever lowers the car window to throw litter on the road, drop her there as well. In your head at least. That's a big child.

Your car looks super messy. Talking endlessly, or getting too worked up over topics of faith and politics until you lose your cool. It shows fanaticism and sycophancy. Showing up in torn or very dirty socks. Smelly or hairy armpits. Hair is full of dandruff. Very dusty or unpolished shoes.

Walking bra-less and conspicuous. It's disturbing. Or she's here to seduce you. Thick lining and outlined panties underneath very tight skirts. You have too much to show and prove.

Tight trousers with 'articles of association' denied 'room to operate and so protruded in a protesting fashion. The so-called 'cucumber pranks' are crude jokes you must never try on someone you want to respect you.

Hugging a sister too tight and too long. Or taking your hand 'down there in the process. It's offensive. Fixing your eyes on her boobs during conversations, or coming behind her when she's seated for a voyeuristic view.


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