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15 Bohemian living room interior designing ideas for making your home

Bohemian interior design is inspired by a care free lifestyle where a few rules are applied and one follows their heart's desires. This style can have vintage furniture, lighting fixtures and a great variety of textiles and rugs, displays of collections from trips or general markets. In this style anything goes as long as you love it. Therefore it is a perfect design for most homes.

In an all white living room, the home owner can add a beautiful rag or a well designed carpet to break the monotonous white. Add a few plants to breathe life into the house.

Pallet coffee table with a sectional couch is a great way of styling the sitting room. It matches with the fabric and paintings on the wall.

Anything goes and this trunk has been used as a table. It acts as a coffee table and used for storage. The black sofa is against the window making the lighting of the room look natural.

Lighting up the room with various lights adds beauty into the sitting room. Lanterns and artificial candles can also be used.

Using a sectional sofa and an armchair in the living room is a great idea. Add in some colored throw pillows and a good carpet and the design is almost complete. A simple lighting chandelier can be used.

A unique wooden round bookshelf can be a part of the living room for those bookworms. Add an armchair and a pallet coffee table to settle in when reading.

Using collectible plates one finds around the trips they go to can be a way of infusing memorabilia into the home. Other artefacts can also be mounted on the wall.

A collection of ottomans and footstools can be placed in the living room for sitting when having additional guests.

Different colors can be used at the same time in the room. A colorful carpet or mat together with colorful cushions can bring the design together. The sofa can be of a different color.

Pictures, artefacts, pots and vases can be displayed along with the pictures. Some items can be hanged to add aesthetic into the home.

A better way to relax in your home is adding maximum comfort. Add many pillows and fabrics to cover yourself. On a weekend one can stay at home reading, watching movies or have date night in their home.

Turning a whole wall into a home library is a simple solution to having books scattered all over the living room. Section off the shelves into different book genres.

Introducing plants into the design is a way of regulating air and temperature into the home. Use stylish pots to keep the plants.

An array of photos can be displayed behind the couch and collectible items displayed around the room.

Monochrome bohemian is where only black and white is used. Striped couches, black and white floor pillows and incorporating some Moroccan vibes into the living room.

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