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Seven Reasons Why Your Life Is Complected

1. You Procrastinate.

You tend to postpone things though you know you should do them. You end up getting overwhelmed. Your life will love you forever if you start doing things now.

2. You Worry.

The more you worry, the bigger problems seems to be. A problem is no greater than the power you give it. Spend energy on finding solutions not on worrying.

3. You Wait.

You keep waiting for the perfect time to do things. You end up waiting all your lives. Don't hesitate to start. The best time to start doing things is now.

4. You Complain.

Complaining changes nothing. You neglect things and people that are before you. Thinking of past and future robs the joy of living in present. Don't waste your mental energy with ungrateful thoughts.

5. You Compare Yourself To Others.

You keep comparing yourself with others. It will set you up for failure. Embrace your life just the way it is, make the changes you know you can make, and walk your own path to success. Focus on yourself.

6. You Don't Forgive.

You hold on to bitterness, frustration, and emotions of hate and anger. It makes situations worse. Forgive yourself, forgive others. It makes your life much happier.

7. You Avoid The Tough Stuff.

You avoid unfavorable situations or conflicts. Conflicts that goes unaddressed in the present will only cause bigger problem in the future. Your ability to manage your life depends on the number of things you are willing to confront.

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