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Are you genuinely happy? Find out here

Happiness is a choice although it is never easy to always choose to be happy. With a few common challenges here and there, you will definitely be sad or angry at times. But if someone was to ask you if you are leading a happy life, what answer could you give?

If you are not sure whether you are happy or not, check the below list of signs of a genuinely happy person and examine yourself.

1. You enjoy your own company

A happy person does not necessarily require to be with other people to be happy. Although it is fun being with friends and family, a happy person is able to enjoy their own company and have fun all on their own.

2. Share your happiness

If you are happy, you want other people to be happy as well. Happy people will go an extra mile to ensure they put a smile on someone's face because they want to share their happiness with others. If you never care about the happiness of others, it is a sign that you are not living a genuinely happy life.

3. Enough sleep

Do you enjoy a good sleep every night? This is a good sign that you are living a happy life. People who are not happy in life find it difficult to enjoy some good sleep maybe because they have so much to think and worry about.

4. Little things matter to you

If you are happy, you will be grateful for the very little things you have in life. When you are happy, you learn to appreciate even the little gifts of nature. Things, like watching the stars, listening to the birds chirping or just taking a walk in the park, will be so exciting.

5. You are happy when others succeed.

Do you find yourself frowning when your friends achieve something? Well, a happy person is always pleased to see others succeed in life. However, only a person who is unhappy can sulk at a friend's success.

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