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Compromise Complicates Your Life Slowly Until You Lose Your Identity, Benjamin Zulu Advises

Benjamin advised the public to learn not to compromise in their life otherwise if they do so they will end up losing their identity. Unfortunately most people always compromise inorder to accommodate others ending up losing their identity.

"How many times did you forgive or condone people just because you were afraid of losing them, overlooking offenses to keep them in your life only to realise later that every time you did that you chipped away at your own dignity and slowly eroded your self respect and your identity?

Before long you find that you no longer have your psychological defenses and personal boundaries. You cannot recall who you are and your whole life looks blurry and your future bleak.

Compromise complicates your life slowly until you lose your identity. Never be so afraid of losing a person more than you're afraid of losing yourself in an attempt to keep them'' Benjamin Zulu Advises.

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Benjamin Benjamin Zulu


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