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How to read body language

How to who he or she likes

When a group of people are laughing, each individual looks at the person they like the most. This is because they want to make sure that the object of their desire approves of and share their sense of humor.

Anchoring effect

People feel it is much easier to evaluate something if they have the original price. Even if it's wrong as kind of anchor. It is often used in stores.

How to reduce feelings of anxiety

Chew something when you are nervous, before an important conversation, a public speech or any other conversation. The chewing motion greatly reduce anxiety. During chewing you brain thinks it is safe to relax. It sends a signal that relieves tension and helps you calm down. You are basically tricking you brain.

Deflection to the result

We often judge the correctness of a decision by the final result not by the action used to achieve. This effect is often used by those ads which concentrate only on the final results.

The paradox of choice

The paradox of choice says that the more there are more choices, the less probability will be happy with our final choice. Even if the final decision is the best, we can stay unhappy because the choice was too big

How to make someone be polite to you

If you have to work with people a lot, put a mirror behind you. If you have talk to a lot of people at work, hang a small mirror behind your desk. You will be surprised that many people will be more polite and be ready to meet you halfway in negotiation. This is because nobody likes to see themselves angry or annoyed.

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