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Tricks That Magicians Use To Make People Believe That They Are Seating In Air

Most think that magicians have some supernatural powers that allow them to do some weird things. Today, am going to share with you the tip that magicians use to make people believe that they are sitting in the air like the man below.

If you look at the photo above, you can see that the people were surprised and wondering how the man managed to seat in the air.

The truth is that the man was not sitting in the air as we all thought. Most of these magicians purchase a seat which he hides under his trousers from the view of the public. See the photo below.

The seat is adjustable and it is worn on one leg and the shoe is attached to solid material on the floor. The man cannot move the leg which he has worn the seat. He can only move the other leg. To understand more check the photos below.

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