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10 Unusual Buildings Around the World

Today we have numerous amazing building designs and there are even more in future. Designers are doing a spectacular job to make sure there work stands out among the rest. Here are some amazing buildings in the world

The building that looks like a basket, it can be found in Ohio

This building was designed to look like a person peeping from a wall; it is located in French Riviera

For those people are not really afraid of heights live here in this building found in Hong Kong

There are different kinds of balconies, here are the most unusual ones; rounded balconies located in Lebanon

A building that looks like something that came from the space

This unique building has a railway line passing through it

This amazing house is built between rocks; it looks like a comfy place

This building does not exists but we can see the design thanks to the magic of the computer graphics

The building’s design looks so terrible with a space on the third floor

One of the most amazing designs; a building in the shape of a guitar

Content created and supplied by: NastieEddie (via Opera News )

French Riviera Lebanon Ohio


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