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Affordable Alternative Building Materials and Methods in Kenya

Building a house from the ground up to where you can be able to live in it has become a challenge in this country given the harsh economic times that many are facing.

Picture courtesy. House under construction.

However, what most people don't know is that there actually are alternative methods as well as materials that are affordable for everyone.

These materials and methods are imperative in Building a nice and comfortable home that can last for a very long time to come.

So, below are a few of of those methods and materials:

Use of Bricks

Many people who have just started building or are thinking of building a house are not aware that there is a cheaper alternative to machine cut stones.

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One bricks is roughly ten Kenya shillings while you need at least 45 shillings to buy a single machine cut stone and that is before transportation costs are added.

Picture courtesy. Machine cut stones.

Semi Permanent House Using Soil

In most places around the country, people are embracing the technique of building a house partially using soil.

Picture courtesy

The house is packed with soil and after it hardens, it is smoothened using cement and this is usually a cheap way to build.

The way is very cheap and if you're thinking about building, it's one way that you should seriously consider.

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The Use of Wood to Build

This is a method that is very common in the central region of Kenya that involves building a house using wood.

Many people have a lot of wood in their rural areas and this makes the whole process of building the house cheaper.

Picture courtesy.

Buy Materials From a Construction Site

This is one hack that many are unaware of as it involves buying the building materials that you need from a construction site.

Many construction sites buy things in excess and when the building is finished, they sell whatever remains like nails, cement and iron sheets at really affordable prices as opposed to buying from a hardware store.

What other cheap alternative ways are you aware of? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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