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If You Want To Be Safe From Harm, Avoid These Things

Safety begins first with us, even though the government has employed many police officers in order to make sure that there is order and security among the people. 

If you want to be safe always learn to take caution, in this article we are going to talk about some of the ways which we can use so that our safety can be guaranteed.

1. Going home late at night.

If you have finished your daily activities, why waste time roaming around? Going home early is one of the best method which we can use to guarantee our safety, most of the time bad people always take advantage of darkness to harm people, most of the time they always like to walk in groups at night, so if you are the kind of a person who likes idling around late in the night, you might meet them and they can harm you.

2. Poor dressing code.

The way we dress say so much about our personalities, do you know that indecent dressing can make you to be insecure, there are many instances whereby some people have been shot dead simple because their dressing code are like those of armed robbers. Some people’s hairstyle have really cost them a lot, just because they dreaded their hair, they are being mistaken for bad people.

Many women have also suffered in the hands of their dressing code, they have been raped or have their clothes torn in public, therefore putting them in a lot of pain.

3. Bad communication.

The way we express ourselves in front of others matters a lot, if you are a bad speaker, then your mouth will always land you in a big problem, some people are in jail simple because they spoke senselessly in front of others or they destroyed the reputation of others in justly. If you speak good then you will always be safe.

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