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5 Signs you are a Happy Person in Life even if You're nor Aware

There are things in life that can determine how happy you are. Some of these things include you job, your meal, your daily routine among others. Here are some signs that you are happy with your life.

Always running lateRunning late to work or even an event can happen to anyone but those people who are always running late are believed to be happier in their lives and even live longer. Such people tend to be more optimistic about their time management. To them, they believe that they can handle a lot of tasks in a short period of time. Latecomers are also calmer and don’t usually panic in stressful situations. Think about those latecomers in high school, most of them were always cool and stress free.

You wake up early

Those people who wake up early have enough time to plan and prepare themselves for the day. Researchers compared early birds and night owls and realized that the latter were less satisfied with their lives and had more mental illness.

You have a sister

Generally having siblings in most cases might increase you happiness since you will have someone to share ideas with, play or even help one another in difficult situations. Sisters encourage more open communication in families this is because girls can easily open up about their emotions than boys. In additions, boys communicate better with girls.

You eat a lot of fruits

Fruits are very important in our bodies because they boost our immune among other benefits. Studies have revealed that people who gradually increase their fruits intake became happier than before. This kind of happiness can be compared to that of getting a new job.

Working as a gardener or a florist

According to research the least happy workers include; IT workers, banker as well as HR. those who are happiest include florists and gardeners compared to all professions. Even those jobs with good salary cannot provide the same amount of happiness.

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