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How To Have A Good Life

Sometimes you're comfortable with the slow phases of your life yourself. You have embraced your path and you know you're being prepared for a great task. You feel the changes happening inside of you.

Your perspectives are transforming. You're getting a firm grip on your feelings. You're consuming deep information about an area that you know you will need competency in. You're undergoing a rapidly progressing training. 

But the problem? All this is internal and invisible to the outside world. Outwardly you look stuck. You're apparently mark timing and people are justifiably concerned. Friends and family keep checking on you for 'updates' but you have none. Some refer you to jobs and opportunities but your spirit rejects them and when they call for feedback you're lost for words. 

You have no name for this phase of your life but you know it's a necessary one. You're not stuck in the sense of having given up or being lazy or depressed. You're very busy inside and things are shifting within you. There's a build up and a transformation, but nobody else can see it except you.

Solution? Resist the urge to over promise and over commit in a bid to not disappoint people. Learn the delicate art of turning down well intended but unwelcome help. Learn to say simple phrases like 'I'm still figuring things out. I'm taking my time for now. Imagine I'm alright. I feel like I'm not yet done with this phase.' 

If you meet at with your kinsfolk for yet another Christmas and you still don't have 'anything to show,' like a job or partner or any visible progress, when your agemates are marrying and getting kids or building houses, just bite the bullet and endure the ridicule. Some paths have no shortcuts and you'll take a few lashes of shame from those who can never understand you. 

But the good part? When your incubation is over and your flower finally blossoms, those same people will change their attitude at once and nominate you as a role model. 

In the meantime just stay at your workshop and take in the training with hunger and intensity. The only way to shorten the stay is to focus more. When the season is completed your fortunes will change in a flash, but you will have been changed into a different person by that point. 


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