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7 Amazing Gardens With Mersmerizing Beauty, Zoom The Pictures

1. Hidcote Manor GardenThis mansion will take you back to the days of the 17th century, when you will pass through gates that reveal its small and charming gardens. When you visit them you will feel as if you are walking in a maze that has emerged from fairy tales, with stone paths that pass between green lawns, lovely flower beds, a glass greenhouse and a variety of orchids.

2. Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden , North Yorkshire The Steadley Royal Park was built around the remains of the Fountains Monastery, and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will find quite a few stone sculptures and temples from the neoclassical period.

3. Biddulph Grange Gardens, Staffordshire ( Biddulph Grange )These stunning and unique gardens have been very carefully designed by James Bateman, a 19th century aristocrat who was a fan of growing ornamental plants. Bateman tried to create in the plot of land he had in his hands a sight he had envisioned on one of his journeys, and the result was spectacular gardens worth seeing. Beyond the much vegetation in the place, visitors can also view here a passage built inspired by an Egyptian tomb, which is protected by two sphinxes. In another part of the gardens, in the China Gardens area, there is a red pagoda, bridges that cross over the lake, bamboo trees and the oldest golden conifer in the entire United Kingdom.

4. Sizergh Castle GardensAt the end of the lakes area stands a medieval castle, surrounded by 6.4 square kilometers of gardens perfect for a family trip. Its limestone rocks, which are covered with vegetation growing here following the many pools in the area and include more than 200 different species of fern and coniferous plants.

5. Wimpole Estate , Wimpole EstateThe Wimpol mansion contains everything you would expect to see in the countryside of England. The estate is surrounded by manicured lands, farmland, gravel paths and beautiful flower beds. The gardens are revived in the summer months, where you can see here the blooming tulips and the lovely Lebanese wildflowers.

6. The Lost Gardens of HeliganThese gardens were abandoned in the past, but after decades of neglect, they were restored in the 1990s, and are now considered one of the most popular botanical sites in England. Over 800 square meters you will get to see a jungle with plants you do not see every day on the British Isles, such as palm trees and banana trees - and it is also difficult not to admire the beautiful lakes, where geese and ducks live, and around them sheep and cows.

7. Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire ( Clumber Park )Tens of thousands of visitors a year flock to this historic site, but it is large enough that you will not feel crowded at all, stretching over about 15 square kilometers. Near the entrance there is an impressive avenue of lime trees, which is considered the longest in Europe. In the center there is a huge lake , Which serves as a perfect place for a picnic with the family and bird watching.In the park you will see orange California poppy flowers, huge greenhouses and a variety of fruits and vegetables growing in it.

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