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Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone loves their teeth to remain white. It however does not end well for some whose teeth turn brown. The brown color is brought about by regular consumption of sugary foods. The sugar clogs in the teeth hence releasing some substances that coat them to turn brown. Some people have used a lot of money testing every Colgate just to turn their teeth white again. Today I am going to explain you cheap ways to remove the brown stuff.

1. Salt

Salt is the perfect substance to remove those coatings. You can chose to chew it or mix it with water and rinse your mouth with it. A toothbrush should be used after five minutes of application of the salt. Brushing will help remove the sticky food remains stuck in the teeth.

2. Chewed stick

The stick mostly comes from a eucalyptus tree. The tree should be chewed because no sharp object should operate the teeth. You will use to scrab your teeth after every meal. That will help you to avoid any food remains.

3. Employ the culture of brushing teeth after every meal. This will help you avoid food remains. Also avoid taking drinks which contain too much acid. Colored foods are also a victim of this problem.

Try the above ways because they are cheap and affordable. This will help you whiten your teeth again.

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